My Dear Students,

I welcome you to Anjuman-I-Islam Schools. Please be assured that this is not just a school, but a place of learning, which in addition to academic excellence, would also provide for your character formation and personality development in general.

The vision of Anjuman-I-Islam is to create the highest standard of learning through Technology Aided Teaching, by which one can gain knowledge and skills encompassing a wide range of discipline, resulting in the overall development of an individual. Anjuman-I-Islam values true National Spirit, appreciation of Indian Culture, keen civic social sense, and above all – Islamic Values, and the same are inculcated in our students.

As President of Anjuman-I-Islam, I extend my best wishes to my students and appeal to them to be punctual, regular in attendance and to treat the school as your ‘Second Home’.

Choicest Blessings.

Dr Zahir I Kazi
President, Anjuman-I-Islam