The School follows the curriculum as per the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (SSC) and is from classes Pre-Primary to class X.

The curriculum provides a child-centred learning environment. The curriculum in the 21st century is based on active learning. We aim at developing children’s personal, social and emotional well-being. Our teaching methods are play-based and encourage the physical, emotional, academic and co curricular growth of each child in a supportive atmosphere created by a caring and dedicated staff. We believe that a firm partnership between home and school helps the school and the students immensely. Our holistic methodology helps the children develop and build their strengths, communication skills, social skills and confidence and ignites the children’s creativity and their imagination.

Role play and drama is a fun and a playful activity that helps the students develop skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Every student has their own unique learning style. Our teachers adapt different teaching methods and styles to make students understand the concepts. 

At AIAPS we believe in the ‘Do and learn’ program. The activity based learning helps students to get involved in the learning process physically and mentally which helps students to learn and retain information. Through various activities teachers inculcate good civic values and create awareness about their rights and various social issues like pollution, equality etc. and lead a sustainable lifestyle.

Use of videos and movies keep the students engaged. It helps the visual learners to understand the concepts without the barriers that hinder learning.

The pre-primary school follows IMAX program since 2017 which comprises textbooks, workbooks, feedback reports and individualized practice worksheets along with teacher’s manual, activity kits, digital content and teacher training modules.

It helps students to be future ready as it focuses on skills like problem solving, creativity, critical thinking and emotional intelligence. 

The Pre-primary school received a trophy from IMAX in the year 2017-18 at National Level for best performance throughout the year.